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11 Oct 2004
Blogmento is number eight...…
27 May 2004
Blogmento source code now in public CVS…
22 Apr 2004
Blogmento - now with added Web Start…

Keeping a diary of your thoughts online (a.k.a. blogging) is becoming more and more popular, and many companies are now providing space on their sites for your most interesting thoughts. However third parties come and go, but your thoughts should be around for longer than that.

Keep your blog forever
With blogmento all your blog entries are held on your own computer, so you are in complete control of your thoughts.

Control many blogs in one place
You can manage multiple blogs from within blogmento, even sharing entries across sites.

One button to publish
Blogmento will look after all the details, letting you enter your thoughts, quickly, from your desktop.

It works
Blogmento is designed so that even a technophobe can start keeping a blog.

Open Source
This software is free for you to use, and even free for you to adapt to your own purposes.

If you've used blogmento and would like to help me to continue development, please consider making a donation through PayPal.

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