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London Java Meetup - 16 Jan 2008
After a brief hiatus, the London Java Meetups are back up and running.

From this month on, the meetups will be scheduled to occur on the

Third Wednesday of each month
i.e. (16 Jan 2008, 20 Feb 2008, 19 Mar 2008, ...)

This predictability will help most people make sure they are free for that night, and hopefully build up the beer velocity for the group :-)

Where: Smiths of Smithfield [map]
When: Wednesday 16 Jan 2008 - 6:30pm till closing time.

these people have all said they will try to turn up for it:

Please leave a comment, if you intend to come, new faces always welcome.

Looking forward to seeing you all again... see you then for a pint and a natter, jez.
11 Jan 2008 #


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