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War of the Worlds
Posted on 17 Aug 2004

It is with great joy that I see Steven Spielberg is due to direct a new version of The War of the Worlds

It is clear, after directing Close Encounters and E.T., that this would be a fabulous story for Steven to bring to a modern audience.

My only hope is that Steven will make the right choice and get Jeff Wayne to do the score. His amazing soundtrack for the film already has 115 five star reviews on Amazon. You must let Jeff Wayne do the music.

War of the Worlds - music by Jeff Wayne
17 Aug 2004 |

Build your own spacecraft
Posted on 09 Jul 2004
If you find yourself stuck indoors over the summer holiday's,
why don't you...
make your own Cassini-Huygens spacecraft out of paper and glue.

download illustrated assembly instructions (168K pdf).

...Teach the kids something new, or just take a look at the latest pictures being sent from 932 million miles away.

09 Jul 2004 |

my daily reading material...
Posted on 16 Jun 2004
I've changed the style of my home spun blog aggregator box, which I use to keep track of all things, see what you think of it here.
16 Jun 2004 | last week
Posted on 15 Jun 2004
GMail must no longer be fashionable or cool, as the fools let me have an account...

Thanks to Carlos for the invite.
15 Jun 2004 |

I want one of those...
Posted on 15 Jun 2004
I don't normally go for PC case modifications, but this conversion into Orac looks beautiful. [from slashdot]click for more piccies
15 Jun 2004 |

Posted on 10 Jun 2004
It's about time something as useful as pick-and-drop came along. I wonder why most of these PC flatscreens aren't touch sensitive.
10 Jun 2004 |

I wanna rock...
Posted on 10 Jun 2004
Heavy metal! You rock! It's mostly about the
music instead of lyrics for you...but you
channel most of the emotion through the lyrics!
Mosh pit for you! Just be careful you don't
give yourself a concussion with so much

What genre of rock are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
10 Jun 2004 |

Cool Underground and Subway guide
Posted on 03 Jun 2004
If you're stuck on planning your next trip around London, Paris, New York, Brussels or Madrid, be sure to pop by my friend's new site that provides route planning using funky graph traversal algorithms. Pop by, and leave comments here so Simon can improve the service futher.
03 Jun 2004 |

BBC Model B
Posted on 01 Jun 2004
Stumbled across an excellent website homage to my second home computer, the BBC Model B, a chap called Ollie has put together Only the Best BBC Micro games
My favourites include:
Starship Command, Sphinx Adventure, Citadel, Repton, Thrust, Killer Gorilla, Ghouls, Imogen, Castle Quest, Frak, Chuckie Egg, Cholo, Knightlore, Sabre Wulf, The Sentinel, Dare Devil Denis, Doctor Who and the Mines of Terror, and of course Elite. The only ones I think that Ollie missed are Alien8, Starquake, Mallory Manor and Stardrifter.
Try Ollie's excellent Quick Start Guide, and play these games now...
01 Jun 2004 |

The British Computer Society
Posted on 29 May 2004
Got my details through from the British Computer Society this morning, I'm now an MBCS, which is the grade just before full chartered status.

They hold lots of "special interest" talks, such as the Advanced Programming SIG and the Computer Conservation Society as well as a monthly London meetup.

29 May 2004 |


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