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Too busy...
Posted on 15 Jan 2005
too busy hacking to blog...
15 Jan 2005 |

Strangers on a train...
Posted on 19 Apr 2004
A funny thing happened on the train to work this morning...
Chris White (English) - click for more pictures
Chris White
I bumped into Chris and Tony, who were teachers at my secondary school. They are still both at the school, and were catching the first train up to Catterick, Yorkshire to do a quick reccy for the school Combined Cadet Force. This is the home of the Queen's Royal Lancers, so it looks like the pupils are going to have a fun week.

It was very strange to enter the world of my old school again, if only for an hour. The school seems to have acquired and built new buildings, the pavilion has been burnt to the ground, and my old headmaster has only recently passed away.

So much, but so little has changed in the 13 years since I left...

Tony Holding (Chemistry) - click for more pictures
Tony Holding
19 Apr 2004 |

Snow falls...
Posted on 28 Jan 2004
Shadow has been enjoying his first snowfall...
stoopid looking black puppy dog playing in the snow
28 Jan 2004 |

Transported back to 1978
Posted on 21 Jan 2004
Amazing, I was transported back to being a six year old again, sat at our kitchen table, with coin in one hand and letraset in the other.

star wars on the back of cereal packet

Which reminded me to look for the Doctor Who cutout figures

doctor who on the back of cereal packet

Which were basically a load of Pollock's
Pollocks Theatre

They just don't make cereal freebies like they used too, sigh.

21 Jan 2004 |

A cat joins the household
Posted on 30 Sep 2003
Our new kitten joined us on Thursday, her name is Pixel and she was born on 30 July 2003

pixel the cat
30 Sep 2003 |

Scope creep at the dentists
Posted on 27 Jun 2003
Well after three days of tooth ache, I finally submit myself to the local dentist. Unfortunately although I have incredible shooting pain all down my right side, I'm unable to pinpoint the precise tooth that is causing all the trouble. A heated discussion ensues where we weigh up the facts of what we can see, with what the X-ray shows. I decide that, as we cannot tell which tooth is the culprit, she should do both just to be sure, but at a whopping 43 a filling I'm thinking it might be better to just eat my dinner through a straw...
27 Jun 2003 |


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